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Runner's Resource - A Running Blog

Runner’s Resource is a blog about running, based off of an n=1 experiment (i.e., me) where I plan on divulging my top tips and lessons learned from being the human guinea pig of running.  It is not to be considered professional advice in any way, as I am not a doctor, personal trainer, nutritionist, or professional runner.  I’m just a woman obsessed with all things running, hoping to spread the joy that running has imparted into my life onto others.  The Runner’s Resource blog is comprised of my personal musings based off of my own running experiences and research from the many books, articles, and webpages I’ve perused over the years, as well as reviews from my races and other running endeavors.  Hopefully you will find some little nuggets of information worth holding on to.


Alright, now that we’ve gotten the legal mumbo-jumbo outta the way, feel free to jump right in!

The Runner's Resource Running Blog is divided into several, easy-to-navigate categories.  Click on one of the images or text below to link to your desired article.

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1st Step to a Running Lifestyle, girl walking

The First Step

to a Running Lifestyle