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Reason 2 Run's

FREE 12 Days of Christmas Virtual Challenge

Achieving balance in life is something all runners should strive for.  Too often we’re honed in on ticking off the miles that we neglect vital aspects that would make us better runners (same goes for better wife, mother, daughter, husband, father, son, and friend).  So now’s the time to rise up to the challenge…

Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas

What: A FREE way to challenge yourself and keep in shape as the belly-busting holidays approach.  With no extra effort or financial burden you can earn money for charity, as well as awareness for their causes.


When: December 10 – December 21


Who: You! Anyone who loves a challenge, wants to stay fit, and earn good running karma.


How it works (the abbreviated version):

The Physical Challenge: Each day of Christmas will have a challenge, and just like the song, the next day will build on the previous challenge.  This will create a ‘ladder’ of challenges and while each exercise is not especially hard individually, the ladder will build up your strength, until you’re an absolute beast by day 12.  So for example, if the 1st day of Christmas = run 1.1 miles, the 2nd day of Christmas = 30 second plank, and the 3rd day of Christmas = 15 push-ups, on day 3 you will combine all 3 exercises.  Sweat, eat, and repeat.  To stay accountable you’ll have to post in the Reason2Run Virtual Running Challenges Facebook Group.  (Don’t worry about having to search for it.  After signing up, we’ll add you to the group.)

The Charity Part: By using the Charity Miles app to track your miles (which is FREE), you will earn 25 cents for every mile run/walked.  In addition, I will personally donate $1 for every person who signs up and successfully completes the challenge (up to $100).  This may not seem like a monumental amount at first…BUT…imagine if we could get 100 people to sign up and complete the challenge.  Between the money earned through Charity Miles and Reason2Run’s donation, we could raise $430 in less than 2 weeks!

Why: Christmas time is the season of enjoyment and giving.  Often we overindulge and what better way to keep the cookie monster in check than a fitness challenge.  Or…at least we can better justify those extra cookies!  While reflecting on all that we’ve been blessed with, we also tend to think of those less fortunate or those facing challenging times.  After completing this challenge, not only will you have worked towards keeping your hard-earned fitness, but you will also have raised much needed funds for charity.


Ready to crush the 12 Days of Christmas challenge?  Sign up here.


Still not sold?  Here’s a preview of the challenge…


So what are you waiting for?  This is your official invitation.  It’s FREE, will keep you fit, and raises money for charity.  Sign up here!  Remember, Santa is watching…