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Frequently Asked Questions

Specifics About the Virtual Racing Process


Do I have to run the virtual race at a specific time?

All we ask is that you run during the open racing period (which typically spans 1 month).  Other than that, you can run any time, day or night.


Can I combine a virtual race with a traditional, location-based race?

 Of course!  Double the bling!


Will I get a race bib?

Anyone who has worn a bib during any type of athletic event in the past can attest to how annoying they are.  They get in the way of your arm swing, they crinkle, and those safety pins leave holes in your shirt.  So, for the sake of your running form and durability of your clothing, no race bibs are necessary.


What do I need to submit as proof that I completed the race?

There are 3 main data points that need to be captured:

       1.) the race distance completed

       2.) the date you completed the race

       3.) your finishing time

This can be accomplished by a screenshot from a running app that you use, an upload of the app or running watch data, or simply an email stating the required data.  We know some runners like the low tech approach, so we try to offer multiple options.  Obviously some options will result in adopting the honor system approach, but if you really want to cheat to get the medal, you're only hurting yourself.


But now to the most important part, when will I get my coveted medal?

Unless noted otherwise, medals will be shipped out within 10 days after a participant has uploaded his/her finishing time (via email).


Other FAQ


What makes you different from other virtual race companies out there?

Like mentioned in the About Reason 2 Run, LLC section, we were created out of the desire to promote awareness and raise much needed funds for charities whose causes aren't highlighted as prominently in mainstream media or other virtual racing websites.  To eliminate confusion as to what percentage of your registration is donated to the sponsored charity, we donate upfront - a minimum of $5 with every registration.


How is my registration fee broken down?

As previously stated, at least $5 of your registration is donated directly to the sponsored charity right out of the gate.  We don't want any hidden fees so we account for all of the administrative and logistical burdens on the front end.  These include such costs as shipping fees and sales tax.  Contrary to what some may believe, several states do require sales tax on internet sales, and unfortunately Virgina, where we are based, is one of them.  The remaining portions of the registration fees are applied to the actual cost of the medals and related administrative costs (such as site maintenance and payment processing fees, etc.).  Whatever little bit is left over becomes profit.  But we started this company with the intention of supporting great, sometimes less recognized charities, so in our mind, every dollar counts!


Do you ship internationally?

We hope to in the near future, but at this time unfortunately we do not.