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Product Review

Brooks Ghost 9 Running Shoes
September 27, 2017     Lindsey N. Dyn

Disclosure:  This review contains affiliate links.  If you find yourself wanting a brand spanking new pair of Brooks after reading, please feel free to click on the links below.  While I was not paid or compensated by Brooks or Amazon in any way for providing this review, if you do decide to purchase an item(s) after clicking the links below, I will receive a small compensation through the Amazon Associates program.

I’ve been running in Brooks Ghost for my road shoes since their model 5, so Brooks and I have a growing history together.  I figure if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it.  Their Ghost 9 lives up to the high standards and trust in their brand that so many runners, myself included, have come to expect.  Brooks has kept their Ghost model pretty consistent over the years, and the Ghost 9 provides ample room in the toe box and forgivingly breathable mesh uppers.  The outsole grips well while withstanding the constant pounding on pavement, dirt, and gravel I subject it to during marathon training.  The cushioning in the heel and forefoot is another place that Brooks shines with their Ghost model, truly providing for a smooth ride.  I’ve also never had heel slip or unnatural foot movement within the shoe, so even going for a long run with them straight out of the box resulted in a blister-free experience.  The Ghost 9 are also relatively affordable by way of running shoes, at $120 when they first hit the market.  The Ghost 10 has since been released over the summer so runners can often find remaining Ghost 9 models coming in around $90. 


In summary, the Brooks Ghost 9 continue to impress, living up to the confidence runners place in the Brooks brand.  Comfortable and affordable, I bought two pairs at the same time to ensure a balanced mileage rotation throughout marathon training.  I’m looking forward to trying out the new Ghost 10 once my shoes retire to the running graveyard, but I suspect that may still be awhile given the superior construction and durability of the Ghost models.  These shoes epitomize one of Brooks’ mottos, helping runners everywhere ‘Run Happy’.