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‚ÄčHow does a virtual race work?

It’s easy!  Step one...register.  Next, complete the race distance at any time during the race timeframe.  The glorious beauty of virtual races is that they provide so much flexibility in scheduling and location.  They can be done anywhere – on the treadmill, during one of your training runs, or you can ‘double-dip’ and complete a virtual race during a physical race (double the bling)! They can be done anytime – during a brisk, predawn run, your lunchbreak, or if you need to break up the distance over a series of days, that’s fine, too.  Alone, or with a few of your friends, virtual races are open to everyone.  After you've rocked your run, just email us a screenshot of whatever app you used to record your run (or just the date and finishing time for those old-school, low-tech folks) and then your medal will be on its way!


Why run a virtual race?

The reasons for running a virtual race are as varied as our participants.  One of the big appeals of a virtual race is the flexibility which it offers.  Not only can virtual races be completed anytime or anywhere, Reason 2 Run, LLC pairs up every virtual event with an amazing charity.  Not only can you feel good about being healthy and checking athletic accomplishments off your list, you can feel good about giving back to worthy causes.  At Reason 2 Run, LLC, we truly believe that you can change the world one mile at a time.  But if that isn’t incentive enough, check out some of the other reasons:


For the newbie:  Maybe you made a New Year’s Resolution to be more active, or start running, or run a 10 miler.  At first, running can seem intimidating.  Virtual races offer a way to alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that can accompany completing your first race. Or perhaps you are apprehensive about trying to run a longer distance than you have raced before.  With virtual races, you don’t have to worry about being too slow for cutoff times, wondering if your running form is going to make you look silly, or if your heart will be broken by a DNF (did not finish).  Run at your own pace, or run/walk, or just walk – the point is that you are out there, being active, and working towards a healthy(ier) lifestyle.  Maybe you will catch the running bug…


For the new mom, dad, family man or woman:  Finding a way to fit in a regular structured race can be difficult when juggling work and family life.  Since virtual races can be completed anytime, anywhere, and with anyone, you get to decide when and how much you want to run.  So the hubby’s working and you’re on baby duty?  Strap little Johnny into the stroller and go for a run with him.  Virtual races, and running in general, can provide a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to form a healthy and fun hobby together.  Let the older kids run alongside you…because kids love medals, too.


For the Scout leader, Den mother, company manager, etc.: Organize you group and head out to the local track or trail for a fun, team-building experience.  Root on your scouts, brownies, or colleagues and help everyone push through to the finish!


For the seasoned runner:  You’re 9 weeks into your marathon training and the prospect of getting up über early to beat the summer heat and humidity leaves you, well, less than motivated to crawl out of bed.  Virtual races can provide the shiny object incentive.  Besides the rewarding feeling of completing another long-run and the anticipation of a post-workout smoothie, virtual runs give you an impressive custom medal to add to your ever-growing collection.


For the endurance junkie:  You pound out close to 100 miles a week.  You beat up your body with back-to-back marathons, and that’s just a typical weekend.  Feeding your running habit can get to be expensive if you travel every weekend to compete in regular, physical races.  So unless you’re independently wealthy, have been racking up the mileage on your car, or cashing in those airline miles, up until now you’ve been running all of that mileage with nothing to show for it (other than your self-satisfaction).  And while I’m a huge proponent of the intrinsic value of running, sometimes it is nice to have cool, shiny, medals to show for your efforts.





What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is an opportunity for runners, walkers, and aspiring runners to experience the thrill of completing a race - anytime, anywhere – and getting an awesome medal to prove it!

About Virtual Races