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Lindsey N. Dyn

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So to state my running creds, I am admittedly a ‘middle-to-back-of-the-pack’ runner.  I may not be fast, but endurance, I can do.  I’ve run at least four half-marathons, seven ‘official’ marathons, and a 100K ultramarathon.  It may have looked weird seeing ‘official’ marathons just there.  But as my fellow ultrarunners know, there are several times during training that the marathon distance is just a regular weekend run, but without the cool, shiny medals and abundant aid stations.

In the About Reason 2 Run, LLC page, I mentioned our founding philosophy.  But there are also much more personal reasons that I felt compelled to start up Reason 2 Run, LLC, as well.  Six years ago, my mother lost her courageous battle with melanoma.  A devastating disease, especially once it becomes metastatic, the chemo and radiation treatments did little to help.  One tiny shimmer of hope during her ordeal, though, was her participation in a clinical trial.  The experimental drugs they prescribed seemed to start working, shrinking some of her tumors, both in her brain and her mouth.  We were totally dedicated to battling this beast.  We threw out the sugar and junk food, once a staple at our house, and focused on natural foods.  I soon saw the true impact healthy eating can have.  I know it definitely didn’t always taste great, but I honestly think mom’s revamped healthy diet, combined with the experimental drugs, prolonged her life.



With these things in mind, I sought a way to promote a healthy lifestyle (full of running greatness), raise awareness about sometimes neglected issues/causes, and aid in funding research efforts for diseases such as melanoma.  Independently wealthy, I am not, but passion and drive are two things I do have, and which I plan on putting to work with Reason 2 Run, LLC.  I hope that you enjoy our virtual race series, testing your running prowess at various distances, and supporting great causes and charities along the way.  Good karma makes for great running!


So go out and find your inspiration and hit the ground running!


Welcome fellow runners!  My name is Lindsey and I’m a lover of the outdoors, a mom to two fur babies, and a woman with a minor running addiction.  Ok, I’ll be honest, it’s not so minor – it’s actually more of an obsession (but the good kind, right?).  I crave almost anything related to running.  Running books, magazines, podcasts, I soak up all that stuff.  When I’m not working, sleeping, or hanging out with the hubby and our two Chihuahuas, I’m thinking about running, talking about running, or actually running.  It gets especially intense during training and right as a marathon approaches.  I’m not the fastest runner, or the most graceful runner, and there are certainly other runners out there who have finished more races than me, but I love running.  So, yes, a running obsession is a real thing.


About the Founder